Ampspiration: In Spite of Being an “Amputee”, Boy Becomes a Soldier

Ampspiration: In Spite of Being an “Amputee”, Boy Becomes a Soldier

I love reading inspiring stories about kids and adults alike overcoming the odds and not letting their situation “disable” them. A young boy, Diego, whose father has been in the Army for more than 16 years decided from early on that he wanted to be like his father and join the military. Sadly, the US military only allows amputees in their ranks if they were soldiers injured while in service. Even so, he continues to train with the help of a newfound amputee marine veteran. Check him out in action!

I remember seeing the military recruiters visiting my school as each school year wrapped up and talked with them one day. I wasn’t really looking to join, though the thought of getting into being a medic was definitely intriguing.

I was somewhat saddened to hear that even if I wanted to join I couldn’t due to being an amputee.

What really plucks my heart strings about this story though, is that Diego (and his family) have become soldiers and warriors in a different way. They’ve since started up TEAM DIEGO, a non-profit participating in race events, organized support efforts, fundraising and partnerships with community sponsors to raise money for:

  • Children with disabilities
  • Wounded Veterans
  • Unmet Needs Gifts and Grants
  • Organized fundraising efforts
  • Community partnerships
  • Emergent action causes

Props to this amazing father and son team for all you do to support fellow amputees! Mobility devices and prosthetic costs are definitely no joke.. and insurance companies will definitely fight you much of the time to get coverage. When everything is said and done, you can often buy a brand new car for the cost of a prosthetic limb.

And that’s just a basic model!

I personally am still fighting my insurance company to get the elevated vacuum added to my suction socket as I’ve been having major issues with keeping the socket attached. The pin-lock system caused me to have tissue invagination at the end of my stump which resulted in amputation revision surgery.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out their web page and videos. If you’re in Texas, see how you can join their cause.